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The Fall Classic

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam X. on 12 August 2009

Working on a long, more substantial post, where I begin to outline books that might come after the first volume of EE.

Speaking of EE, had a great writing today, got down about eight pages in six hours. I feel pumped, I could keep writing, but I need to do something else for a couple hours or my eyes’ll bleed.

I’ve had good writing days before (the day when I wrote the last 19 pages of Scary Bells comes to mind), but I’ve never felt as exhilarated as I do today. I feel completely empowered by this novel, so in control of writing as I never have before. I have 123 pages of a novel written, I have an outline for the rest of the novel, I feel like I could sit and just finish it right now.

Of course that’s impossible — eyes, bleeding, etc. But I looked at it this way. I’m estimating the novel to be about 300 pages long, which leaves 177 pages unwritten. If I could write 7 pages a day, a little less than I did today, it would take me just TWENTY-FIVE days to finish this novel. If I put my mind to this, I could have a whole draft by October, an entire novel written in four months. I’m no Stendhal but that’s damn fast.

No project has ever seemed so possible to me, nay, probable. Every page I complete raises the stakes, raises the chances that this novel will be complete some day. I almost want to stay unemployed until I have the whole draft. At this rate, I’ll barely have to make an effort for that to happen.

This is the writer’s high. 25 days, huh? There are 22 business days in September. Throw in a couple weekend days and the rest of August, subtract some lazy days, and bam. Novel done. Complete.

Who knows if it’ll be any good but it’ll fucking be done.

All right, Sam. Are you really going to do this?

I think you are.

October 1. By the time the baseball playoffs start, you’ll have a complete draft. Keep applying for jobs, but keep writing. I can see it.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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