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Posted in novel planning by Sam X. on 25 January 2010

An opportunity has presented itself with regards to my novel, and as such, I need to edit the rough draft with all due haste. This is unfortunate, because I have a lot of things pulling me in different directions these days.

Specifically, I’ve been cultivating ideas for the sequel, and the ideas have almost reached the boiling point–I’m anxious to begin work on the manuscript. I realized that I had an opportunity to incorporate ideas I had long ago for another story, what was intended, at the time, to be a webcomic. I don’t want to give away the details, but I will say that it expands one of the primary themes: the effacement of individuality amidst the proliferation of technology. Perhaps not the most original of themes (The Matrix tackled it in its own way, for one), but I’m content that situated within the unique context I have invented, the theme breathes anew. It has certainly become only more relevant as the years wind on, with our proclivity for gadgets.

So, I’m excited for my next novel. I also want to write more short stories. The shorts that I’ve been sending out to markets for the better part of a year now are obviously going to require time in the nether before they get accepted. I desire new shorts to send out, so I can get new rejections and maybe, someday, a new acceptance.

I’m hungry to write more. Which is great, but there’s only so much time in the day, especially when one has a full-time job. And on top of that, I have a lot of things I need to do. I need to read more books, I need to play Mass Effect 2, and season six of Lost starts soon.

Why must everything converge at once?

On top of this–my sleep schedule has been awful. Last night, I was unable to sleep for a good hour. I attribute this to the fact that I basically don’t relax until I actually get into bed. And even then, it’s difficult to stop thinking. I can’t perform my real job and edit for an additional 2-3 hours every night when I’m not getting enough sleep for even the first task.

I have to be strict with myself; I have to focus. Books during lunchtime. No television beyond Lost, comedy Thursdays, and basketball. Editing comes first, every night, except when it’s a “break day”–Friday and Saturday. If it’s after nine, guess what Sam, you don’t get to play video games. You may read.

I need to focus; I have to manage my time. I want to be fully done editing the novel by March. I need to make sure I edit, that I cool down, and get enough sleep. Pretty much everything else is secondary.

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