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A Purse to Snatch

Posted in Uncategorized by Sam X. on 10 December 2010

One of the primary things I’ve wrestled with when considering my third project–exploring DIY publishing–is the overpowering sense in the writing industry that self/e/indie publishing is The Wrong Way to Do It, especially if you want to be respected and courted by legit agents and so on. So I’ve resisted my punk sensibilities and worked to do it that way.

Of course, that’s not the only way; self/e/indie publishing doesn’t preclude you from ever achieving literary acceptance. It mostly just precludes the material you publish through independent channels from ever achieving literary acceptance.

That idea is liberating in its own way, forsaking literary acceptance–if only for a little while.

A lot of online advice about independent publishing is focused around the question: is it right for you? Because if you want that work-in-progress to be the next Da Vinci Code, independent publishing is probably not the correct avenue. However, if you just want to make like 50-500 copies available, well then perhaps it’s something worth exploring.

I thought about it. I want mainstream success; of course, everyone does. The idea of living comfortably off merely making shit up every day sounds like a fantasy. I think ostensibly it is a fantasy; but enough people achieve it to make it a fantasy that the other 99% strive for. Kind of like sports; yeah they’re fun but wouldn’t it be awesome to get paid millions to play a kid’s game? And I thought about it more. What else do I want?

I want to affect readers, sure, but an emotional response isn’t priority number one for me. I want to take them on a journey, but that’s almost assumed with my chosen genre (science fiction). What do I really want? What do I write for?

I write to rebel. I write to educate. I want to write stories that explore and expose politics, economics, sociology. And so the plan for my third project comes into ever-clearer focus. It will allow me to develop my writing style and skill, but it will also allow me to explore current political developments and juxtapose them against technological developments. I’ll be exploring myself (writing), my world (politics), and my genre (technology). I’m so excited to begin.

But I still need to finish that darn second novel which is only half done. 46,000 words. Come on, Sam. Get to work.


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