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Posted in Uncategorized by Sam X. on 6 October 2011


I need to breathe. I need to keep my expectations appropriate. Issue one of Cosmic Vinegar is going live tomorrow, at approximately high noon.

I want to change the world: But this first issue will not do that. I want a lot of readers: But this first issue will not find them.

Reality now. I expect maybe a few family members, a handful of friends, and a few writers (who I review in the issue) will download it. Call it 15 downloads. If I can get to 20, that’s solid. Anything more is a real, big time win.

The plan now. For the next month, I will comb sci-fi message boards and post where appropriate. I will not advertise the magazine. I might advertise issue 2, most certainly issue 3. A presence must be built, not assumed.

This first issue is a foundation. Opening arguments. Do not expect much; expect 15 views.


Maybe even one or two less.

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