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In-Line Fixes

Posted in third project by Sam X. on 14 December 2011

Three issues of Cosmic Vinegar have been published. All told, that’s pretty awesome and I’m proud of it, although I never really doubted my ability to produce. Writing two novels in two years demonstrated to myself that I can produce. The tough part of the magazine is in the grind, however, so ask me again in six months.

Today, I’m more interested in thinking about immediate scaling issues and reception.

Hard numbers follow. These are not pagehits to the site, but instead the number of times an issue has been downloaded or viewed. I imagine each download or view is a single person checking out the magazine.

  • October 2011: 23 downloads and/or views
  • November 2011: 11 downloads and/or views
  • December 2011: 12 downloads and/or views

October is a tad inflated of course as it’s been around the longest, and December is a tad deflated because it’s only been around for a week. In that sense, the fact that December has already matched November is encouraging. Hopefully a few more views will come in before January–I’d really love to try and get that number back up to 20 at least.

In general, it seemed like I had more success when targeting less-well-known publications, such as the Canadian Science Fiction Review. I had purposefully ramped up my focus with the first three issues: starting small then moving up to the big boys like Clarkesworld. Now I think I’ll reel it back, stick with the little guys for a couple of issues. It makes sense, of course; authors in smaller markets are probably more excited about being reviewed than guys who have cracked the big markets. That is, until this thing really takes off! Right, guys? Right?

So that’s the state of the magazine at present. Realistically, 85% of my views are probably friends and family, but I suspect that’s how it always starts.


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