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About Me

My name is Samuel X Brase. This website was designed to document my many failures and few successes on the path to becoming a professional fiction writer. I majored in creative writing in college, and upon graduating I began to use my degree to collect dust. I was laid off in the beginning of 2009 from my job and remembered that once upon a time, I wanted to be a writer. I began to write short story after short story, churning out long and not-so-long stories, and upon completion I would send them out to various markets.

I had about ten stories out when I decided it was time to shift gears, so I commenced work on a novel. This novel–a mix of young adult and science fiction–has been completed and edited, clocking in at 83,000 words. The agents I queried were not interested, so I went back to work and wrote a second novel–more adult but still science fiction. After this, I still felt my writing wasn’t up to snuff, and there were experimental urges I needed to work through as well. Thus I created Cosmic Vinegar, my science fiction magazine dedicated to work ethic and subverting the status quo.

I am 27, I love punk music, and I will publish a novel. Someday.


sambrase AT gmail DOT com

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